Mezzanine Cafe

Start your meal at our Mezzanine Cafe. Enjoy a taste of heaven to satisfy your taste.

The Lounge

Come into our comfortable lounge to unwind and escape from the daily grind.

Alaya Spa & Sauna

The spa is a gift of attention that you can give yourself. Pampering yourself at Alaya Spa. A nicely fragrant of the aromatherapy will relax your whole day.

Fitness Center

Sweat your day with healthy workout in our fitness center. Located in 7th floor and give the best view of rooftop pool will cheer up your workout day.

Rooftop Pool

It is when you have the whole pool to yourself. just chill and relax at our pool. Located in our 7th floor, it will give the best view and temperature to have yourself relax.


Sippin’ and chillin’ at our exclusive bar. Discover our signature cocktail and moctail to treat your day.